Healing insomnia can be as radical as 1-2-3

Healing insomnia Having trouble sleeping? Healing insomnia is not as difficult as you might think. Cures for insomnia can be found here. There is never a need for sleeping pills. What did people do for thousands of years, sleeping out in the elements or in makeshift housing and not having the comforts we enjoy? They never had problems sleeping. When was the last time you had a good night sleep? I am sure it came after a day of good play or hard work. Remember how well you slept? Ahh you rested so well. You may have been sore for several days but that is another issue. This paper is about healing insomnia. Understandably, most people today get little exercise and few people do little hard work. So the best sleep you are going to get comes at the end of a hard day of work. Our goal for healing insomnia is to put you in the best sleep for your lifestyle. In most cases this comes at the end of a day when you have not stressed your mussels into a regenerating mode. There are some simple things without cost we can do to assist us in a good night of sleep. The simplest of these actions are lost in modern times. But old wives tales live on to help others. Sleep with your head pointing north.

Several months ago my wife and I Just wanted to change up the look of our bedroom so we moved the head of our bed from the east west wall to the north south wall. I immediately noticed I was sleeping longer and deeper. Shortly after the fact I came across information pertaining to sleep and began connecting the dots. After much prayer and meditation I have been moved to write this paper.I will not bore you with all the scientific detail about the magnetic polls and how our body operates with electrical impulses. Magnetic fields affect our world and our physical being and the two are related and affect our quality of sleep. Simply put the best way to know if it works is to try it. Align the head of your bed to face north. Remember I am here to bring about healing insomnia you don’t care if it comes by waving a wand, prescribing a pill or giving cheap advice you just want to sleep better. Cures for your insomnia can be found here. One of the things modern man has done to throw off our biological time clock is to invent schedules. Morning shift, evening shift and night shifts can throw our body’s natural time clock into turmoil. Man was engineered to be awake in the day time and sleep at night. With the invention of the light bulb our bodies no longer discern between day and night. We have very little night left – midnight when the T. V. goes off until 6 a.m. when the sun comes up. Most of us never get the sufficient 8-10 hours of sleep we need. When at all possible sleep in the night (dark) and stay awake (in the light). Only in this modern era have we been able to trick our bodies in such a way as this. This alone may be the greatest contributor to poor health.

Back in the day when man yawned he would find a nice shade tree somewhere lie down and take a nap. When was the last time you had a nap? When healing insomnia we must realize the need for sleep and know this is a time when the body regenerates its self. During the sleep mode the body rebuilds the cells that have died or been damaged. Sleep is the most important factor when it comes to the body healing, especially when healing insomnia. Two things we do often to hinder our sleep and hurt our health. We ignore our body when it tells us to nap and we ignore it in the middle of the night when it tells us to get up. How many times in the middle of the morning or mid- afternoon has your body said re-generate me. No matter what the excuse our actions not only hinder our sleep but hurt our health. And how many times in the middle of the night have you tossed and turned wide awake? You will find that if you get up and read or write that this will help align your natural clock. When your body is well rested your mind is much sharper and your body is healthier. Healing insomnia naturally is the 'best guide to healing' method.

In summary, to achieve a better night of sleep align the head of your bed to face north. Set your biological time clock and when you need a nap take one and when your body tells you to get up get up. These I consider by far to be the most important but I am adding another page to give some ideas and implementation for a good night of sleep and offer cures for insomnia. More ideas for healing insomnia - Insomnia and treatments


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